Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Holidays with Her: Birthday, Christmas & New Year (and Thanksgiving too!)

Ananta & I will be celebrating many of those this year..Firsts.
bald bold & beautiful @ 28
Twice now Ive shaven my head..and I realize..

Time ticks quickly..
2mm taller already! (me. SHE is now 8.5kg & 72cm tall!)

Because you either grow..or not, although as a Mother, you really have no choice.

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Cant really tell if I was naughty or nice this year..
F + B = a

And as the new gregorian one starts, more new beginnings commence..


Here's to more Adventures of A&a!
Bring it on, 2011!

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  1. Post more adventures of A & a ok? :-) She is just lovely! Like the mother :-)