Saturday, May 18, 2013

let the Child Inside come out & play

So I am only now writing about the 10th moon midway through the 11th…to say I was out of it last month is a bit of an understatement. (Manifestation is still not something I am very good at…airy Sagittarius + lines on my hands + birth chart + good old laziness = lousy manifester. :S)

In the concrete world I didn’t really call anything into being…but as I look back, I somehow managed to churn up some interesting insights from my experience (interesting for me, at least).

I realize that sometimes, manifesting doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with a solid result you can see in the physical realm…sometimes it is just having an understanding of what is apparent/evident/observable. According to Word’s thesaurus, manifest (v.) =, in a sense, manifestation can be seen as a revelation of what is being demonstrated/expressed in the cycles of your life. There’s no way you can perfect (verb, as in improve/refine etc) what you do if you can’t observe yourself and point out patterns/repeated lessons that need to either be changed/improved/cultivated.

I hope this 1.) makes sense, and 2.) you find something of value here.

Happy gregorian weekend! :)

Tenth Moon: Planetary Moon of Manifestation (April 4-May 1)
Totem animal: Dog
How do I perfect what I do?

1. Refine your intentions
2. Do the things you do everyday differently – this might seem contradictory to the process of perfecting something, but I figure…you’ll never know if there is a better way to do something if you keep on doing the same damn thing everyday!
3. Go beyond visualizing with your mind’s eye & see your dreams slowly start to take place – out of nowhere, decided to enter a store I often pass by, and saw a Buddha statue that will later adorn my future altar/study table.
4. Polarize, be challenged, and accept defeat if needed…but don’t lose the lesson – wrote about this
5. Its better than ok to not do nothing – Did nothing with Ananta, on her 2.11th … and loved every minute of it <3
6. Do what is asked of you
7. Back others up when they’re falling behind – it’s not always about you and what you have to do…other people exist too, and sometimes they need help
8. Catch up on your pendings
9. Let your hands do the healing (give a loved one a massage & write with a PEN ON PAPER) it is through the hands that we have a means of accomplishment, molding our dreams into physical form...when we seek to accomplish in service of the Earth and all living beings, every action becomes an act of healing. (Dreamspell reflections - download it here)
10. Keep on dreamin!
11. Have a relationship with yourself – dirty-mindedness aside, touch yourself for once! :)
12. Do something outrageous – go to the circus! (Ananta’s first ever…my first as a Mom!)
13. Reflect on your outrageousness or lack thereof – wrote about this
14. Go all out! – Dance around Life and you can’t go wrong
15. Trust your instincts (never let them take your fangs away)
16. | born free, live free | don’t live in a cage…or worse, raise your kids in one!
17. Re-occupy your body…tame those thoughts
18. Take a nap (rest is a must)
19. You were born perfect…so let the Child Inside come out & play <3 – saw Toy Story 3 for the first time, then had a playdate with Ananta and all her toys, the soonest after possible :)

20. Wake up and be grateful
21. Let go of what has been holding you back – you can’t get better if you’re always carrying the weight of what went wrong
22. Be there
23. You can fly! – yeeeeaaaars after…saw Walt Disney’s Peter Pan again!
24. Imperfect = I’m perfect
25. Rest & re-connect
26. Be ready for random – spur-of-the-moment malecon-date with Ananta…corn in a cup for dinner, yo!
27. The World IS what I think It Is – everything in your experience started out as some kind of thought…it might not be the exact same thing you imagined it to be…but it is there because you thought it so. (Its kind of like a spin on I think, therefore I am)
28. Catch up with people that matter – sushi date with T

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