Monday, June 3, 2013

My baby isn't a baby anymore

My baby girl isn't a baby anymore! :S 
J <3 
Ananta Malaya turned 3 on gregorian june 3rd...and 3, to me, means the official entry to childhood.

In my world I feel its important to mark important milestones in life with a "rite of passage," so I celebrated her in a slightly larger way this year. And while it didn’t happen exactly as I originally pictured it to was the perfect birthday #3. J

Traditionally, in Mexico, when a child turns 3 parents have a (Catholic) mass held in the name of the boy/girl; in some parts of the country it probably would've been a Temazcal. I am sure in other cultures there is some kind of celebration to mark the transition from infancy to childhood as well...maybe a naming ceremony, the first haircut, etc...

For the sake of comparison…moons before, I dreamed up throwing this big party in the garden-front of our apartment building, inviting all the important adults in her life along with her little friends from daycare; maybe even the neighbors we don’t know so well. There was to be games, non-candy giveaways (aka bolos), clowns and acrobatic entertainment…basically, the whole shebang.

Closer to the date, I instead planned for a Dolphin Encounter for Ananta & myself, where at the same time our housemates would be doing the Dolphin Swim Adventure. I imagined the entire PV family would be with us (which is not a lot…that’s just my mom, brother, sister, and nephew), all of us having some fun in the sun at the waterpark afterwards. This was to be on the sun-day before her b-day. I still kept dreaming about having a traditional piñata + choco-flan cake + bolos at daycare on her birthday itself…

Come the day itself though, this is what really happened: it was just Ananta & I that went to the waterpark, and when we were done enjoying the kiddie pool after our dolphin swim, my sister & mom picked us up. Later we all had lunch with my nephew, and Ananta blew the candle of her sprinkle-topped cupcake at my sister’s house. (I <3 family!)

happy 3rd

blow your candle out, baby-cakes!

On the day of her birthday itself, I dressed her up in a long/princessy type dress. In school Ananta blew the #3 candle of a 3-leches cake a friend had bought her. There was also a Tinkerbell piñata and another clown one, filled with candies I would never have thought of buying myself (courtesy of a friend), while the bolos I prepared for the kids were filled with candies I chose myself. The ones for the teachers were specially made star-shaped cookies made by our Russian friend...with a note thanking them for being part of "A&a Village" (re: IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD)

the long, princessy dress
little fairies

After the piñata at daycare, I sat-in in Ananta's class activities...seeing her in action/observing the teacher + their activities. I played with the kids...sitting on the mat, being silly, letting my daughter paint my face, joking around with the other kids, versus "just watching them" until cake was finally served.

It was a blast! To see how each child is different in the way they interact and participate was an eye-opener…and of course I was proud to see that my Little One is actually one of those kids that follows instructions, and even helps her buddies after she’s done doing her part! (I guess not all have developed the necessary skills to do the activity yet, or some kids just don’t do the activity at all!J)


Ananta's bday #3 was a very made-up rite of passage...but it was very meaningful and important to me as I wanted to celebrate her in a way that I hope she will remember when she is older. But more than that...a celebration of 3 years of her life is, for me, is also a commemoration of 3 years of Motherhood.

So...a belated happy birthday to you, Love-Bug...and happy 3rd year of Mothering to me!

Thanks for being part of your village.J


  1. Happy Birthday, Ananta! :)

    Sending love and hugs to the beautiful A and her little a :)

  2. Happy HAPPY Birthday Ananta!

    And way to go mum! Rites of passage are such an important part of making little people know where they belong and who loves them!
    And by posting your adventure, I believe we are all a little bit more eager make sure Ananta knows she is a valuable part of this beautiful world. X!

  3. yes!!!! you above anyone else should know about rites of passage...thanks for the thumbs up! :D
    thanks, Lyndall!!! kisses to you and your Little One! <3