Monday, July 8, 2013

8th Anniversary in PV

8 years ago today, I landed on these shores.
~ 8 ~
I can’t believe it’s been 8 full rings already! A whole double loop of years since I left the land of my birth and flew in to this magical port…
Puerto Vallarta. (Its tag line should be “te atrapa”)

How much has One changed since…
From the clueless, 24/7-partying Uni-grad (UPLB, repreZENt!)
  to the lovestruck maiden-goddess
     then Buddha-flying it (ie. butterfly-ing) to Yogini-Mom…
I honor this journey
- the adventures,
and moments of silence…
8 years!!!
I think it’s about time to go Home, no?
Pay homage
to The Roots, and The Voyage
Close this cycle and start a new chapter...
I’m curious to see where the next bundle will unfold.J (Lead me to new landscapes, Goddess!)

8 years ago today…
The next day we went to see a movie to celebrate Mavis’ 13th…we saw the Fantastic Four.
Funny…yesterday they showed it on local TV.
It’s as if things are naturally circling back to where they began and now everything is repeating itself, only this time it’s Level 2 (or watered down by the passing of days, as in the case of silverscreen-to-telly for that fateful movie).

So if I were to do this whole Mexican experience all over again…what would I do?
Ok, so maybe not “do it all over again”
Instead…how would I go about it, now that I am in Level 2?

Coincidentally I scheduled a gyne appointment today…she was happy to see how lovely Yoni is looking these days.J (woohoo!!!)
What a great way to celebrate my 8th year here!
Because come to think of it, much of this journey has been about discovering my sexuality, my passions, my (He)art, my Self…
I got my first job here
Traveled miles with nothing but the clothes on my back
Found Love
Chose Love
Was born a Mother
Yolked it up with Yoga...

So how would I go about it again?
I would honor the Goddess within, every step of the way.

May It Be So.

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