Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How do I expand my Joy & Love?

By filling up your self-love gas-tank, so you are happy and have more love to give...that's how.
Yup! I else does One expand, right? :D
(you eat more, you get love yourself more, you have more love to give! same banana)

I engaged in a lot of self-care/self-love this past moon...
I went to the salon, on dates (the Skype & chai type), checked off stuff from my wishlist from LAST YEAR, went to a Yoga class, etc...
Now I know the things I mentioned are probably pretty normal occurrences for some...but I'm a working co-parent (versus single mom) that lives with her daughter in their own apartment, with no yaya/maid, ok?
Not that I am complaining...I LOVE our life!!! But sometimes scheduling in things like going to the salon or getting a massage can get complicated...

Things got even more interesting when Little A left for Papi-land, and even more so when I took a break from work!
You'd think I would pull my hair out not knowing what to do with all that free time...I almost did. :) But I busied myself with work (before I actually went on vaca)...and then when I finally took a much needed respite...I busied myself with my Work in the World. <3

First things first...go to a gig. :D
I didn't even make it to the bar though. (hahaha!) Half a beer in as I walked down the boardwalk, I was already woozy and decided against going alá 24/7-hardcore-party days. Instead, I just sat by the water's edge, listened to the same old cover band, and when I was done with my drink...hit it home. Definitely not what I imagined my live-music-night would look like...but, very fulfilling all the same.

Next, catch up with homework time.
Aside from being a full-time working momma with no nana, I also have this thing for continuing education (currently enrolled in a Sacred Business program, a Conscious Parenting course, plus all other required reading for Yoga, etc etc).
Suddenly having 2 daughters (+ co-parent) around for a week was fun, but it completely changed the daily routine for a week!
So...a little bit of hustle was in order...but, I was still easy on myself. Performance-level was ideal, but no pressure to be perfect. This is how you ace the University of Life.

Lastly, increase oxytocin levels through self-pampering + girl-bonding moments.
I cannot stress enough how VERY IMPORTANT this is!
Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone in both males and females, and basically it is what your body secretes when you have bonding moments with friends/family, or even with just yourself. (Wiki will tell you more)
I am over-the-moon thankful for my girl-time last month...but giving myself the time + space + resources to tend to just me was so very healing!
Some days I did nothing, other 
days I sweat it out; some nights I had ice-cream for dinner, a couple of times I bought stuff I wanted (without necessarily needing it)...but whatever my Heart desired at that point - I gave it to myself...and I am so So SO soOOo grateful that I could!!!

I am counting the days till Anantita comes back...first because I miss her so, but also because I know days like these won't last forever.
I hope every mom (dad, and non-parents too) gets to have at least of semblance of what I've been living for the past 21 days...even if it's just by taking a 30-minute hot shower, a 5-minute massage, a long, full breath...

May all beings be happy...may all beings be loved...may all beings be free.
~ Namaste ~

(June 27-July 24)          
Totem animal: Turtle

1. Share your expansive thoughts
2. Spread the Love by pampering yourself first – get a rad new do, look great and feel even better :)
3. Be there for a special someone’s big moment – Kuya’s prepa graduation!!!
4. Tell the world what you’re proud of – posted pics of grad night w/ new look on FB

5. Approach old wounds with reverence, and learn/re-learn the lessons from that experience (NO SHAME/DISDAIN)
6. Now is The Moment of power
7. REMINDER: Tat Tvam Asi (You are That)
8. Ask, and you shall receive
9. Value your alone time
10. Even if it hurt a bit, be grateful you’ve reclaimed your Time & Space
11. Catch up with a SSS (Super Soul Sister) – Skype date with Tala
12. Keep on upping oxytocin levels – chai latte date with a Momma Goddess
13. (just because doors were closed right at your nose)…don’t get snotty…get creative! :)
14. Discharge gracefully…or not :S
15. Be, with Family  - E + Citlali arrive <3
16. Do every little thing from the Heart (THAT is service)
17. Let Love in <3
18. Breathe…Respond…Re-create
19. Be who you were born to be – cumple-kin (red planetary skywalker day)
20. To receive Love & Support, love and support
21. Relish Family time – little A left for Gto with E + Lali
22. Know what makes you ~ turn on ~ tune in ~ drop out ~ (and engage it)
23. Sleep like a baby on its birthday
24. Fill up the well before sharing the water – before you give, you must receive
25. Re-connect, circle in
26. Make time for Momma Goddess bonding moments…it opens your Heart to the flow – chai latte date with S…afterwards, saw an abandoned/almost lifeless kitty and brought it home :)
27. Indulge your desires – hot stone massage from 2012 wishlist…check! (finally!!!)
28. Exert an extra effort to be of Service – 2 Yoga classes in 1 day = sore ass + legs (yey me)

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