Monday, October 28, 2013

learning about Sky and Earth, and how plants grow

I’m excited about this moon. :)
I’m not so sure why…but maybe because reflecting on the challenges of the last in a more empowering way (by asking “How can I best serve?” versus looking at said challenges as obstacles/roadblocks) has inspired me to keep on serving…even if admittedly, it is challenging sometimes.

As an update to the last moon…no, I haven’t launched MMV PV yet. :S
It’s all good though! I am getting help in writing an official proposal to the Powers That Be at the Municipal Hall, while I finish the PowerPoint presentation that will go along with it.
As for my Heart of Yoga essay, I am about a third of the way done…so even if I haven't finished writing, all is welll...I am re-reading the parts I remember standing out to me to refresh my memory…so I am seeing things in a new light. I shall start reading the Yoga & Vegetarianism book soon enough though (when essay #1 is done)…it is already here!!! :)
No…no CSC workshop either…I think I have to postpone that one until I actually finish either one of the above-mentioned. Remember: too much going on at the same time never results in anything. :S
The wild-card was about Home-improvement. :) I think I did pretty well in that department! No new furniture etc…just making useful use of the space as we have it now has made me happy + content (having little A’s work area right by the kitchen serves us well in the AMs while I prepare breakfast/snacks/dinner). I love that she gets to do all these artsy/creative/recycle-y activities before going to daycare, while I busy myself with Home-making stuff!

learning about Sky and Earth, and how plants grow (photosynthesis, yo!)...
green thing with red circles is a tree with fruits :)

I still need to improve on my mopping skills though (aka least favorite chore ever) :S

In the meantime, I am feeling highly productive at the office and also creativity-wise...a poem of mine got published here. Yey me! :)

And, since the moon is going to its third quarter and waning (a time for getting clear about what you think + believe, making adjustments as needed)…I shall be doing precisely that.

I believe in Love, yo! <3

Insights on the Third Moon: Electric Moon of Challenge (Sep 20 – Oct 17)
Totem animal: Deer

1. Ask yourself: “How can I best serve?”
2. Pray Temazcal, yo! <3
3. Balance: | work+play | rest+re-creation | evolution+expansion | – Fall Equinox
4. Love + pamper yourself – salon session :)
5. Recognize your progress, no matter how small
6. Be mindful of your dreams – dreamt about a Medicine Tree
7. Give it your all
8. Rest – took a break from after-job + Home-work activities and slept early :)
9. Appreciate what Life has given you
10. Be present – sweet sun-day afternoon with Lil’A <3 :)
11. Go with The Flow – no-schedule Monday
12. Celebrate your learning, imperfection, triumphs, failures & evolution – last day SBP
13. Put yourself in the shoes of the other, and forgive – especially if you have to deal with it for a while more
14. Indulge – DVD night (saw Inception for the first time)
15. Get turned on
16. If you have to, write yourself to be able to check off your To Do list
17. Right Now, be the person you want to be in the future
18. Get inspired and create! – must’ve created something…just don’t remember what it was! :)
19. Appreciate your peers
20. Be patient and trust that everything is going to be alright – dengue scare
21. Celebrate, even if you’re late – Jo’s birthday :)
22. Pleasure yourself <3
23. Take your time ­– steady saturday with little A
24. Take it easy – happy Sun-day :)
25. Do your Home-work – cleaned house + started essay (finally)
26. Learn from the past – re-read old journals
27. Sleep on major decisions, and meditate on the Moon and its message
28. Get the Warrior mode on!

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