Monday, November 25, 2013

How to be Human, taught by a 3-year old

We've got it all wrong…
We don’t have kids so we can teach them how to be good grown-ups…we have kids so WE CAN LEARN FROM THEM how to have a Human Experience!

There’s this saying that goes “to err is human, to forgive is divine.”
(1001% sure all of us have made mistakes in the past. Sure hope all of us have forgiven once in our life, at least!)
And while the Human Experience is not exclusively defined by these two occurrences (screwing up + giving pardon)…
That’s right folks! We get to be both!!

Holy + Human.

Divine + Being.

Why is this such a hard concept to live by, and for some people, a tough idea even to just grasp?

Most religions indoctrinate the idea that Divinity is outside of you, is something you have to seek/strive for, and that which you only re-unite with after death.
(Did you ever watch Christopher Nolan’s Inception? Remember how the movie said that the most resilient parasite is an idea? TRUE STORY)

So…like a parasite (whose only cure is a better idea), this sick idea of you not-being-God-At-This-Very-Moment has been absorbed by your brain, so that your body acts as such. Your body, of course, creates your thoughts, words and actions…so when you are INFECTED by this virus…this thought/this programming…you are not shining your Brightest Holy-Light Possible as A Being Having a Human Experience.
(You are, in other words, dis-eased. Ill. Driven by something else other than the Real You. And so, on a faster track to death.)

But, what kind of a Being Having A Human Experience are you to begin with?
Answer within an answer:
A Spiritual One.
(note: NOT religious)

Now…if us adults HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to be grown-up, how the heck can a little kid possibly know AND be able to teach us How To Be Human?
      (they can't even sit up yet, talk, walk, read, know math, haven’t gone to high school, have a degree or job, haven’t lived independently, have responsibilities, a family etc etc etc…yes, all that mind chatter)

Answer, within an answer, within an answer: (we’re 3 dreams down Now)
 Observe (how they react to everything in the World)
Learn (from the mistakes)
Evolve (apply learning)
   and Be (Incarnate Divinity)
That’s how you become a Good Grown-up. J

Recently I have come across lot of satirical videos or articles about parenting and how they present it as a hellish nightmare, but at the same time, a Heavenly Ride.
(Some more experiences more intense than others)

See…THIS is where the challenge lies for most parents. How on Earth do you reconcile the Sacred with the mundane??? How can you see something as Holy when you’re running late, your kids aren't ready for school yet, the traffic is already bad and you’re going to be late for work???

In my experience (aka, reality/dream-time), we try as much as possible not to make those mindsets part of our world. As such, Parenting Consciously is a bit more accessible because even if the same scenarios might be true for me (I’m late, shes not ready, the bus is going to take forever, its hot, etc)…I knowI truly believe…that Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright.
How do I know?
(admit it…don’t tell me it ain't true!J)

When we forget, and when we disconnect from this Great Reality That Life Continues And If It Doesn't Then Hallelujah, You Get To Go To A Better Place (it’s a win-win situation,really, so I don’t get why we’re always so attached to one particular outcome!), that’s when we snap. At them! We lose our patience, make a face, yell, act like jerks…in short, “screw it all up”.

Here's the thing though…we aren't! (screwing it up)

RIGHT THERE. Right that very moment when you get to choose between Love or Otherwise J, is The Moment we learn.
But, if we ever chose something else other than Love, it’s all good too! Because THAT is when we evolve. It’s those things we do for the first time. Aha Moments. Stark Realizations. Epiphanies.
Quantum Leaps of Courage. Faith. Trust. Surrender. Forgiveness. Compassion. Patience.
BIG things, in baby steps.
ONE Moment at a Time.
(Breathe, Mama…just like when you brought that Light into this World)

For modern humans (versus indigenous people who are still-very-much-connected-to-All), being so distracted from The Truth with all our stuff, gadgets, technology, popularity games, societal power struggles, etc… I feel it’s of even utmost importance that us Moms to model what Being Spirit is. (like Mary, you know! Who do you think raised Jesus???)  It doesn't matter what the name of your Spirit is though. God has many names and many more faces (yeah…like 6 billion strong).
You just have to have faith, show it, and live it.

What I love about Being Mother to a Young Child is that it’s so easy to stay in that level of connection with the Divine! She’s constantly embodying It because she hasn’t been contaminated by the “real world” yet. Just looking into her eyes, seeing her smile, hearing her laughter and songs…even if Time seems to be so short, it’s not difficult to re-attune to that Love Vibration.
I honestly think that it’s The Frequency From Which That Motherly Love Comes From that is the saving grace of this world.
Why? Because a child’s first experience of God is It’s Mother’s Love.
Spirit/God can't be described. It can only be experienced. Your kid knows what love is long before she knew what the word for it was. Its your presence that defines it.
And when a child never forgets that they are Divine (through his/her parent’s modeling, ideally reinforced by its education), that’s when they grow up to be the Next Messiah. <3

Just imagine having your own personal Jesus…
Wouldn't that be the greatest gift ever? J

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